ActionablePatents provides innovative patent search and patent analysis solution to meet the needs of IP Professionals all across the industry. ActionablePatents offers five packages, Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium. Refer to comparison chart below to decide which package best fits your needs.

  • FREE
  • GOLD
US/EU/WIPO/CN/KR/JP/TW/UK/DE/FR/IN/RU/CA/AU/SG/MX and 87 more countries.
Simple Search : Keyword search with auto term finder
Boolean Search : Combine terms, date, range, value using intuitive interface
Number Search : Search by various document numbers
Script Search : Construct advanced script queries X
Field Search : Search specific sections of document X X
Advance Search : Search with noise reduction X X
Classification Search : Search IPC/CPC/UPC by class codes with terms X X X
Similar Patent Search : Search patents similar to a subject patent X X X X
Scroll Viewer : Review hit list documents without opening each document X
Smart Viewer : Review hit list documents and drawings in slide show mode X X X X
Comparative Viewer : Compare any two documents side-by-side X
Dual Mode : Display open-document and hit list side-by-side in a new window X
Preview Mode : Activate mouse hover effect for quick document view
Data columns : Add a variety of data columns to hit list
Family Grouping : Instantly find family patents from hit list and group them X
Sort : Sort hit list by no., date, score, assignee type, citation count and more X
Assignee : Drill down by current, original, normalized orig. assignee
IPC/CPC/UPC : Drill down by patent classification codes
Life Status : Filter live or dead patents
Application Year : Drill down by application year
Patent Score : Drill down by patent score X X
Transfer of Ownership : Find transferred patents from hit list X X
Word Cloud : Drill down using extracted terms from hit list X X X
Litigation Related : Find litigation related patents from hit list X X X X
Highlighter : Highlight terms in documents with up to 10 different colors X
Family Expansion : Instantly find and expand family patents X
Family Tree : Visualize INPADOC and US family tree and map relationships X
Multi Citation Analysis : Forward/backward citation analysis using citation chart X X X
Dynamic Classification : Display classification tree and drill down to sub-class X X X
Word Cloud : Extract terms from a set of documents, drill down by various settings X X X X
Keyword Map : Map patents on a landscape with various mapping objectives X X X X
Litigation : Find litigation related patents, search by party name, view case files X X X X
Advanced charts : Create bubble charts with user-select data fields X X X X
Query Assistant : Auto detect missing operators when constructing queries X
Email Patent List : Send patent list directly from the system with links to full-text view X
My List : Book mark selected patents from the search result
Send to My Folder : Send selected documents from search result to My Folder X X
Batch Print : Capture multiple patent documents in a single PDF file for batch print X X X
Auto Alert : Receive data update alert for your saved search queries X X X
Excel : Download up to 54 data fields including the first drawing in Excel X 100 200 300 500
CSV : Download up to 50 data fields in CSV X 1000 5000 5000 10,000
Summary : Download first drawing, abstract, biblio, claims in Doc/PDF/Excel X 100 200 300 500
XML : Download up to 50 data fields in XML for data transfer X 500 1000 5000 10,000
Timeline Summary : First drawing and bibliographic data with timeline in Excel X X X 200 300
Full Document : Download original patent documents in PDF image X X X 100 100
All drawings : Download all published drawings, including drawings from international filings in a pdf report X X X 100 100
Patent Evaluation : Download patent evaluation data in Excel X X X 500 1000
Inventor Evaluation : Download inventor evaluation data in Excel X X X 500 1000
Display search history during search sessions X X
Show search history at next login X X
Save search sessions X X
Search sessions auto archive and download X X X
Legal status of the patent X
US Maintenance X
INPADOC and simple family list with family tree generator X
Legal status of family patents X
US genealogy family tree generator X X
Normalized Original Assignee patent list X X
Domestic citation
Foreign reference
Other reference
Assignment History X X
Patent Evaluation Report X X X
Inventor Evaluation Report X X X
Litigation History & Case Files X X X X
Technology Area Report X X X X
My Folder : Create private/shared folders, save search results and make notes X X
Folder Search : Search within folders using boolean search form X X
Folder Operation : Union, Intersection, or Difference operations between folders X X
Upload : Upload patent numbers from PC X X
Batch Notes : Add notes and annotations to patents saved in folders X X
Weekly Monitoring : Monitor information changes in saved patents, receive email notification with changes in details. X X X
Technology Strengths Analysis : Capture competitors' patent-related activities and generate technology strengths report X X X X
Patent Valuation : Generate value assessment report for any U.S. patent X X X X