Smart Tools - IPIntellisource


IPIntellisource is patent analytics platform designed for fast paced IP professionals who wish to obtain pinpoint data quickly without the lengthy research work. Powered by Wisdomain’s proprietary patent analytics algorithms, IPIntellisource enables users to perform automated analysis of diverse patent data and compile the result into comprehensive analysis reports.

1. Patent Valuation

Automated patent valuation cross-referencing company financials and similar patents that share the same technology space. The report provides estimated patent value, patent quality, patent related market size and market growth trends as well as a concise summary of applied valuation method.

2. IP Monetization

Expand your patent monetization research by correlating technology dependency, patent acquisitions, and litigation data from hundreds of companies participating in similar technology space. The result is organized into a list of target companies most aligned with the subject patent.

3. Patent Purchase

This due diligence report supports patent purchase decision by providing technology relationship and strategic acquisition assessment to help explore subject patents before making a purchase decision.

4. Patent (In)Validation

Find similar patents for (in)validation inspection. The report provides up to 250 patents that possess the similar technology concept to that of queried patent. The top 20 relevant patents are depicted with bibliography and hyperlinks to full-text view. The remaining patents are listed in line items with relevance ranking and hyperlinks to full-text view.

5. Technology Landscape

The report provides a graphical summary of patent filing trends across the target industry. With easy to read charts and graphs, the reader can capture a clear picture of IP concentration status by technology space and top applicants.

6. Patent Portfolio Analysis

The report investigates various aspects of a company's patent portfolio providing insights to uncover its technology strengths. The assessment result is organized into easy to read infographics providing most up-to-date information based on the company’s latest portfolio status.

7. Competitive Analysis

The report provides comparative analysis of inventive activities, patent portfolio strength, and technology positioning between two companies. The analysis result is organized into comprehensive infographics providing most up-to-date status on the companies’ patent portfolios.


The report identifies the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of your patent portfolios from the IP perspective as they relate to the competition. The scope of the analysis is to look closely at key technology segments, evaluate portfolio strengths and examine IP positions against competitors.

9. Threat Finder

Identify and examine outlying patent assertion threats lurking in your industry. The report aligns the research interest by correlating patent acquisitions, patent litigation, and influential patents data from hundreds of companies in your technology space.

10. Litigation

Quickly gather substantial patent litigation information on target technology space or a company to help jumpstart the investigation. The report provides case filing trends with case numbers, plaintiffs, defendants, and case related patents with links to full-text patent view.

11. Counter Patents

The report identifies influential patents you own to that of patents owned by the asserting opponent to help deter incoming patent assertion threats.

12. Infringement Finder

Identify companies with technology dependency on your patent(s) who could be building products around your patented technology. The report provides an assessment result for two main research areas, citation frequency and technology dependency to help identify potential infringers.

13. NPE Tracker

The report helps patent owners and investors to identify suspected NPE in their technology space and review NPE patent holdings before engaging in investment activities. This report also contributes to assessing risk management before entering a license agreement.

14. Patent Assignments

The report reveals patents transferred to a competitor providing information on transfer volume, year of the transfer, and sources (sellers) of patents with hyperlinks to review transferred patents in full-text view.

15. Quality Evaluation

Compare the target patent with hundreds of patents that share the same technology space and evaluate a set of patent quality attributes to assign a patent quality grade.

16. Patent Family Tree

Instantly identify family member patents, map them to a family tree and visualize the tree on your screen to track family relationships, timeline, country, and view patents in full-text.