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ActionablePatents provides innovative patent search and patent analysis solution to meet the needs of IP Professionals all across the industry. ActionablePatents offers three packages, Free, Basic and Premium. Refer to comparison chart below to decide which package best fits your needs.
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Functions Free Basic Premium
Basic Search
Search simply by using a Keyword or Phrase
Advanced Search
Boolean Search : Search using Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT
Script Search : Advanced users can compose their own search queries
Field Search : Search by inputting information into over 60 fields
Number Search : Search using a diverse variety of supported number formats
Patent Classification Search X
Search IPC, CPC, UPC by classification codes or keywords and extract corresponding patents.
Domestic & Foreign DB
Available Databases: US, Europe, WIPO, Japan, China, Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, France
My List
Patent Bookmarking Feature
Interactive Charts
Clickable Search Result Charts
Advanced Sorting
Sort and prioritize search results based user desired criteria
Patent Score Brief
Show patent scores
Life Status
Visualize the remaining life of a patent
Download user selected fields in Excel format X 100 500
Download user selected fields in CSV format X 500 10,000
Download user selected fields in XML format X 1,000 10,000
Download Summary Report in PDF or Excel format X 100 500
Download Timeline Summary Report in Excel format X X 300
Download original document images in PDF format X X 100
Download patent evaluation result in Excel format X X 1000
Download inventor evaluation result in Excel format X X 1000
Quick Viewer X
Quickly review multiple patents in one window
Send Mail X
Email your selected patents.
Word Cloud X X
Visualizes words used in patent documents in clickable image for easy text mining. ※ BETA
Highlighter X
Highlighter quickly locates your keywords from the search result. Multiple colors are available for faster review.
Classification Tree X X
Classify search results and further drill down results with expandable charts
Smart Viewer X X
Quickly review multiple patents with a slide show of drawings
Family Deduplication X X
Remove family duplicates from the search result and display representative patents only.
Patent Family Tree Visualization X
Visualize INPADOC families
Genealogy Visualization X
Visualize US Patent families (Continuation, Divisional, Continuation-in-part)
Family Expansion X X
Instantly find family patents for the search result.
Patent Score Detail X X
Show patent scores in detail
Inventor Score Detail X X
Show inventor scores in detail
Search History X
Show the history of all search queries
INPADOC Family Legal Status X
Shows the legal status of each family member
Family Grouping X
Instantly group all patents in the search result by family
Assignment History X
Shows the assignment status of a patent
Email Patent Links X
Send selected patent links by email
Advanced Interactive Charts X X
Visually narrow down results with advanced filters
Citation Search X X
Retrieve a list of directly cited or cited-by patents to view technologically related patents
Patent Keyword Map X X
Visualize text mining analysis via a landscape map
Batch Print PDF Files X X
Batch print multiple PDF documents
Litigation X X
Shows litigation related patent information with case information
Technology Sector Analysis Report X X
Generate a technology sector analysis report with just one click
My Folder X X
Utilize Web Folders that can be used to save select patents
Folder Operations X X
Use operations between My Folders such as Union, Intersection, or Difference
Team Project Sharing X X
Share and control access of My Folders with team members
Annotations for Patents X X
Create memos for patents in My Folders
Patent Number Upload X X
Upload your own patent numbers from your computer to My Folders
Alerts X X
Set up email updates of the latest patent publications based on your queries

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