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IPIntellisource is patent analytics platform designed for fast paced IP professionals who wish to obtain pinpoint data quickly without the lengthy research work. Powered by Wisdomain’s proprietary patent analytics algorithms, IPIntellisource enables users to perform automated analysis of diverse patent data and compile the result into comprehensive analysis reports.

1. Patent Valuation

Our automated patent valuation instantly provides the estimated value based on the market size , profit contribution, and technology lifecycle of a given patent. In addition, this assessment also factors in a patent quality grade derived from scrutinizing the level of inventor’s expertise, technical focus, technological significance, technology endurance, and marketability to obtain fact-based value estimation.

2. IP Monetization

Finding potential candidates for your patent monetization, whether it is a patent licensing opportunity or outright sale, may take weeks of your precious time. The objective of IP Monetization Report is to identify most promising candidates for your patent monetization and build them into a solid pipeline so that you can immediately begin your prospecting.

3. Purchasing Patents

Companies that pursue patent acquisition often face challenging questions in justifying their acquisition. Has the potential candidate been scrutinized for its conformity to your IP strategy? How about its technology significance and relations to your IP portfolio? Is the related sector growing? These important questions and many more are covered in this report to help guide your patent purchase decisions.

4. Patent Validation

Validating Patents Report is the most efficient and quickest way to check the validity of a patent. This report provides up to top 50 comparable patents in full blown scale containing diagrams and detail description in order of their similarity rank therefore the report also can be used for patent invalidation purpose. If more than 50 comparable patents are found the remaining data will be available from our server with accessible link provided in report.

5. Technology Landscape

Technology Landscape Report provides a topographic observation of IP concentration status in technology sectors. This topography report is the simplest way to uncover who’s focusing on what, who’s dominating in which particular field, who’s likely to be in fierce competition and who holds most patents in any given field. In this technology landscape report quadrant map and other graphical charts are also displayed to highlight the featured entities’ competitive edge, level of R&D activities, and diversity.

6. Company Technology Strength Analysis

This report provides the target company’s technology strength analysis result based on its IP portfolio and statistical data surrounding the portfolio. Because technology strength is generally protected by intellectual property rights, analyzing the company’s current IP portfolio status and objectively comparing it with other portfolios in the same sector can provide factual results for the company’s technology strength, competitiveness and future business value.

7. Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis Report is a comprehensive patent portfolios comparison between you and your competitor. In this report, your portfolio’s scale, focus areas, influential strength, and patent quality grades are deeply contrasted and analyzed allowing immediate acknowledgment of your competing stature.

8. SWOT Analysis

Run your patent portfolio’s SWOT Analysis Report to see your portfolio’s SWOT position in your major technology sectors. Simply enter the name of your organization and up to 5 names of your competitors to generate the report describing your competing stature per sector with easy to view quadrant maps and graphical charts. The objective of this report is to compare your portfolio’s SWOT with your selected competitors to identify your competitive intelligence and help uncover opportunities and formulate corresponding strategies.

9. Threat Finder

The objective of Threat Finder Report is to identify entities and patents that may pose potential threats. This report uncovers entities and patents with a history of filing disputes and those who possess highly cited patents as well as a significant number of purchased patents.

10. Litigation Status

Who’re involved in patent litigations in your sector and what are their disputes? Litigation Status Report instantly delivers the details of entities and patented technologies involved in litigation via easy to view charts and tables illustrating plaintiffs, defendants, case numbers, filing dates and number of cases filed per year. The report also provides a link to view the details of each disputed patent.

11. Counter Patents

The objective of Counter Patents Report is to help you stay ahead of your opponent’s potential threats by knowing which patents you hold can be used as a counter-dispute. Simply enter the name of your organization and the opponent to perform citation analysis and find out which of your patents have been cited by the opponent. The report contains a detail list of cited patents in order of citation frequency per year thus provides the leverage to counter dispute threats.

12. Potential Infringement Finder

Potential Infringement Finder Report helps you detect in advance potential infringement activities on your intellectual property rights. Simply enter the name of your organization or the number of your patents to identify who’s citing your patents, calculate the number of citations per patent, and list the citing organizations in order of their citation frequency. With this report you can instantly perform a quick and accurate examination of your technology influence and specifically pinpoint those with high dependency on your patented technology.

13. NPE Tracker

The primary use of NPE (Non-Practicing Entity) held patents is to trigger infringement disputes for royalty generation. NPE Tracker Report identifies these NPEs and suspected NPEs and reveals their patents in possession as well as their patent acquisition activities to help you stay alert.

14. Transferred Patents

Transferred Patents Report provides patent purchase activities of competing organizations in your sector. This report reveals patents your competitor has bought and how many patents were bought per year. The report also covers the sources of purchase and diversification status of your competitor to help formulate your competing IP strategy.

15. Grading Patents

The objective of Grading Patents Report is to evaluate and grade patents by scrutinizing the level of inventor’s expertise, technical focus, technological significance, technological endurance, and marketability. The overall score is then interpreted to a patent grade which is used as an important patent rating factor in estimating the value of a patent.

16. Patent Family

Patent family report enables visualization of INPADOC family patents, complete with timeline and country information. The report also enables users to track priorities and patent filing trends per country at ease.